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Contact data: 

Name: Terez Szalontai
Phone: +36 20 352 3573
Skype: byaslondon
Viber: +36 20 352 3573
Instagram: Click here

Job interview online coach

Would you like to prepare for your job interview? Are you afraid of the job interview? Do you really want to get your dream job?

The job interview is one of the most important events in your life. Do you think that it is worth preparing for it?

How can I help you?

Are you self confident? Do you know your own answers for the job interview questions? Are you well prepared? Do you use body language, gestures, mimics consciously to get the result you want?

If you are not sure, contact me for a private job interview preparation session or more sessions via skype. I have been preparing my students for their job interviews for more than 12 years. We rehearse and practice the whole situation, talk about difficult questions, your answers and practice it until you become fluent and self confident.

You can use this knowledge and practice in all area of your life. To influence people, to make the best impression, to do your best with a helping feedback from a professional teacher is very beneficial.

I prepare some applicants for their job interview every week, so I have more than 12 years experience. Via skype we can see and hear each other in a good quality with webcam and headphone.

What results can you expect after our lessons? What are your benefits?
- since you practice the job interview questions and answers you become self confident and know your answers.
- you'll be able to speak fluently without too much thinking and hesitation
- you give yourself the best chance to perform on your maximum level since you practiced it with a professional teacher
- you get an honest feedback so you can correct your mistakes that nobody tells you
- this way you invest in yourself which is permanent and you can use this knowledge in all areas of your life any time
- you give yourself the best chance that with a preparation you get the job of your dreams
- calm, self confident and relaxed attitude on your real job interview
- you'll feel energized, excited, motivated and confident in your success

Invest in yourself and your prosperity! Get the job you want!
Experience your transformation in a very short time (during some online sessions). You can use this knowledge during your whole life.Let me help you to discover, unveil your values that you can offer to your dream company and to present them on the most effective way.

How much does it cost?
Lesson fee: 15 USD / 60 min. via skype. You can pay with Paypal. The first conversation is free. (Introduction) It's about 20 min.
Skype name: byaslondon (Terez Szalontai)
Whatsapp, viber, phone: +36 20 352 3573

What you invest is only the lesson fee. Contact here: Click here

250 job interview questions

What do you need for the successful job interview?

250 English job interview questions and answers (online training) with audio

Terez Szalontai

She is an online advisor at the Online Training Company. She is the expert of the employment assessment solutions that help organizations select the right people and develop them. She has been working on this field for more than 12 years and got high results in human resource, pshychology, body language and all related fields.

She keeps up with the latest global HR developments that affect organizations with the most comprehensive collection of international HR products and services available to be able to give you the best advice and prepare you for your job interview.

What does this e-learning material contain?

It contains samples of the best CV, motivation letter, introduction (talk about yourself) and 250 questions and answers in English with audio.

How much does it cost?
It costs: $47/ month

How can I pay?
You can pay via Paypal.

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